US Department of Agriculture Fruits 1900


Size: 9" x 5 ¾"

Condition: Very Good


$55 each

Winfield Raspberry
Williams Apple
Weshart Tangerine
Welch Peach
Triumph Persimmon
Thomson Orange
The Morton Citrange
Terry Apple
Tamopan Persimmon
Stayman Winesap Apple
Splendor Prune
Savage Citrange
Sandersha Mango
Russell Peach
Ruby Persimmon
Rome Apple
Plate F
Rome Apple
Plate E
Rome Apple
Plate D
Rome Apple
Plate C
Rome Apple
Plate B
Rome Apple
Plate A
Rhode Island Greening Apple
Randolph Apple
Peters Mango
Ormond Persimmon
Oliver Red Apple
Mother Apple
Miller Persimmon
Miami Pineapple
McCroskey Apple
Lue Orange
King Orange
Josephine Persimmon
Hiley Peach
Ensee Apple
Early Wheeler Peach
Dugat Orange
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Diploma Currant
Delicious Apple
Cornell Apple
Coffman Apple
Chesapeake Strawberry
Bryant Apple
Bennett Apple
Belle Peach
Akin Apple
Advance Loquat
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