Thomas Gentry

Nests and Eggs of Birds of the United States
Publisher: J. A. Wagenseller
Medium: Chromolithography
Date: 1882
Condition: Very Good
Size: 11 ¼" x 8 ¼"
$65 each
Yellow-Breasted Chat
Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
Wood Pewee
Wood Duck
White-Bellied Nuthatch
Virginia Rail
Valley Quail of California
Turkey Buzzard
Towhee Bunting
Towee Buntings
Spotted Sandpiper
Sparrow Hawk
Ruffed Grouse
Redwing Blackbird
Redwing Blackbird Nest
Red-Eyed Vireo
Red Throated Diver
Razor-Billed Auk
Purple Grackle
Praire Warbler
Painted Bunting
Orchard Orioles
Orchard Oriole
Motted Owl
Maryland Yellow-Throat
Long-Billed Marsh Wren
Least Tit
Least Tern
Kingbird Nest
Hooded Sheldrake
Green Heron
Eastern Bluebird
Downy Woodpecker
Chipping Sparrow
Chimney Swift
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Blue Jay
Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
Black Crested Flycatcher
Belted Kingfisher
Barn Swallow
American Woodcock
American Redstart
American Oystercatcher
American Goldfinch
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