Thomas Allom's Views of China

English (1804-1872)
After W. H. Bartlett, Thomas Allom was the second most prolific steel engraver of the 19th century. He was apprenticed to an architect for eight years and studied at Royal Academy Schools. His travels in Europe, beginning about 1825, produced drawings for innumerable book illustrations for publications between 1828 and 1850. His first important work was a contribution of 189 designs to Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham, and Northumberland.
Engravers: S. Fisher, A. Fox, T. A. Prior, S. Bradshaw and others
Publisher: Fisher, Son & Co., London & Paris
Medium: Steel Engraving (hand coloring added later)
Size: 8 ¼" x 10 ½", Full Margins
Condition: Very Good
$85 each
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from Dane's Island
The Pria Grande,
The Great Wall of China
The Emperor
Temple of Honan
Silk Farms at Hoo-Chen
Show-room of a
Lantern Merchant
Scene on the Honan
Scene from the
Spectacle of ''The Sun and Moon''
Raree Show, at
Nanking, from the
Porcelain Tower
Macao, from the
Forts of Heang-shan
Loading Tea-junks
at Tseen-tang
Kite Flying
Jugglers exhibiting
in the Court of a Mandarin's Palace
House of Conseequa,
a Chinese Merchant
Hong-Kong, from
Harbour of Hong Kong
Hall of Audience
Gate to the Temple
of Confucius
Dyeing and Winding Silk
Dinner Party at a
Mandarin's House
Destroying the
Chrysalides and reeling the cocoons
City of Nanking
Chinese Marriage
Ceremony of ''Meeting
the Spring''
Apartment in a
Mandarin's House
An Itinerant Doctor
An Itinerant Barber
A street in Canton
A Devotee consulting
the Sticks of Fate
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