Perry's Expedition to Japan


Comm. Matthew C. Perry's Narrative of the Expedition of American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, was published in 1856. This was one of the first successful voyages to Japan when the country began to open their ports to foreigners in 1854. Artists William Heine and Eliphalet Brown traveled with Perry and their sketches were later printed with the lithographic processes by P. S. Duval & Co.


Author/Director: Comm. Matthew C.  Perry

Artists: William Heine and Eliphalet Brown

Publisher: Sarony & Co., NY, Ackerman Litho., NY, P. S. Duval & Co.

Medium: Lithography

Date: 1856

Page Size: 8 5/8" x 11 ¼"

Condition: Very Good. 


$65 each


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Whampoa Pagoda & Anchorage
View From Webster Island
Various Chinese Implements
To-Ri-Ga-Sa-Ki, Yedo Bay
Temple at Tumai Lew-Chew
Tatsnoski, Second Interpreter
Street in Hakodadi
Regent of Lew Chew
Prince of Idzu
Mother and Child
Market Place at Napha
Lew Chew Costumes, Middle Class
Japanese Women, Simoda
Japanese Woman
Japanese Rice Mill
Japanese Boat
Irrigating Machine
Grinding Beans
Fire Companies House
Deputy of the Prince of Matsmay
Court Interpreter Shin
Chinese Irrigating Machine
China Girl
Chief Magistrate of Napha
Chief Interpreter Moryamo Yenoski
Bungo or Prefect Hahodadi
Afternoon Gossip Lew Chew
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View of Uraga, Yedo Bay
View of Hong Kong from East Point
View of Hakodadi from Snow Peak
U.S. Stream Frigate Mississippi
Temple of Hat-Chi-Man-Ya-Chu-Ro, Simoda
Temple at Yokuhama
Street in Napha Lew Chew
Simoda from Vandalia Bluff
Simoda from the American grave yard
Reception at the Castle of Shui
Napha From the sea
Napha from Bamboo Village
Mauritius from the ''Pouce''
Mariners Temple at Simoda
Light House, Point de Galle, Ceylon
Kanaka Village
Jesuit Convent, Macao
Japanese Soldiers at Yokuhama
Japanese Junk
Japanese Junk Plan
Japanese Junk Plan
Japanese Funeral at Simoda
Hakodadi from Telegraph Hill
Fish Market Canton
First Landing at Gorahama
Enterance to a Temple at Hakotadi
Devotions in the Great Temple Simoda
Delivery of the President's Letter
Conference Room Hakodadi
Comm. Perry's visit to Shui, Lew Chew
Chief Temple Hakodadi
Buddhist Temple Ceylon
Bridge of cut stone & entrance to a Temple
Bell House at Simoda
Bay of Wodowara
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