Jane W. Loudon 

British Wild Flowers


Artist: Mrs. Jane W. Loudon (1807-1858)

Medium: Lithography

Size: 11" X 8 ½"

Date: 1847

Condition: Good


$75 each

"The Hairy London Pride"
Wild Cabbage & Others
White Meadow Laxifrage
Travellers Joy
The Wild Tulip
Willow Leaved Spiraa
Wild Carrot
Wild Cherry
Mug Weed
Pale Perfoliale
Procumlent Azalea
Mereroon or Spurge Olive
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Globe Flower
Jack By The Hedge
Marsh Helleborine
Lesser Water Plantain
Meadow Clary
Solid Bullous Corydalis
Common Yellow Melilok
Common Nevelwort
Common Cistus
Coral Root
Barberry in Flower
Common Holly
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Early Purple Orchis
Common Furze
Common Kidney Vetch
Blue Broom Rape
Common Hawthorn
Yellow Whitlow Grass
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