A New General Atlas - The Global World


Publisher: Anthony Finley
Engraver: Joe Perkins
Date: 1825
Size: 13 ¼" x 10 ¼"
Condition: Very Good
$175 each

J. Rapkin

Publisher: John Tallis & Co., London & New York
Date: 1851
Size: 11” x 14”
Condition: Good
$120 each

William Thornton

Thornton's New and Complete History and Survey of London and Westminster
Publisher: Alexander Hogg
Date: 1784
Size: 15" x 9 ½" or 9 ½" x 15"
Condition: Good. Some fraying and small tears around the edges of prints. 
$35 each
Western Hemisphere
Turkey in Europe
Turkey in Asia
Spain and Portugal
South America
Russia in Europe
Russia in Asia
North America
New Hampshire
England and Wales
Eastern Hemisphere
Denmark, Sweden and Norway
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West India
Turkey in Europe
The Crimea
South America
East Canada
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J. Yeager Maps

Publisher: C. P. Wayne, Philadelphia
Engraver: J. Yeager
Date: 1806
Size: 10 ½" x 8 ½"
Condition: Good. Some light foxing and mirrored images. 
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Plan of the City
and Environs of London
Plan of Queen Hith
& Vintry Wards
Plan of Billingsgate
and Faringdon Wards
Plan of Candlewick and Langborn Ward
Plan of Cheap Ward
Plan of Broad Street
& Cornhill Wards
Plan of Bread Street &
Cordwainers Wards
Plan for Rebuilding the
City of London after the Great Fire in 1666
Plan for Rebuilding the City
of London after the Great Fire in 1666 (John Evelyn)
Coleman Street and
Portsoken Ward, Cripplegate Ward
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Northern Armies-  MA, NY, NH, ME
"Map of the country which was the scene of operations of the Northern Army including the wilderness through which General Arnold marched to attack Quebec.
White Plains, NY
"Plan of the country from Frogs Point to Croton River showing the positions of the American and British Armies from the 12th of October, 1776 until the engagement on the White Plains on the 28th"
North River, NY
"Plan of the northern part of New Jersey showing the positions of the American and British armies after crossing the North River in 1776"
Charleston, SC
"Plan of the siege of Charleston in South Carolina"
York, VA
"Plan of the investment and attach of York in Virginia"
Southern Armies-VA, NC, GA
"Map of part of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia which were scenes of the most important operations of the Southern Armies"
New Jersey to Maryland
"Map of the country from Earitan River in East Jersey to Elk Head in Maryland showing the several operations of the American & British Armies in 1776 & 1777"
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American Coast Pilot

16th edition
Publisher: Edmund & George W. Blunt, NY
Size: 12" x 9 ½", approx.
Date: 1833-1850
Condition: Good. Hand coloring added at a later date. 
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Tybee Bay and the Savannah River
Artist: Lt. Wilkes
Date: 1841
The Bay and Rover of Delaware
Date: 1833
Size: 9" x 10 ½"
Pensacola Harbour
Artist: W. Heeker
Engraver: Halely
Date: 1850
Condition: 1" tear in right corner.
Newport Harbor
Engraver: William Hooker
Date: 1847
Condition: 1" tear in right margin
Isles of Shoals, NH
Artist: E. Blunt
Engraver: William Hooker
Date: 1850
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Other Maps

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Carte de L'Isle de la Jamaïque
Medium: Copper Plate
Size: 10 ½" x 16 ½"
Condition: Very good. Print is a double page.
c. 1780
Territorial Growth of the
United States
Medium: Lithograph
Size: 9 ¾" x 12 ½"
Condition: Very Good. 1" tear in upper margin. This print is double page.
District of Columbia
Medium: Lithograph
Size: 13" x 10"
Condition: Very Good
A Chart of Delaware Bay
and River
Cartographer: J. Fisher
Medium: Copper plate engraving
Philadelphia, 1779
Size: 8 ¼" x 10 3/8", tear in top margin
"Drawn by Joshua Fisher, this sea chart was considered for its time to be one of the most accurate and detailed maritime maps ever produced. It shows the Delaware Bay, and follows the Homonymous river all the way up to Philadelphia, which appears on the far right side of the map. The chart shows the preferred shipping channels and numerous depth soundings."
The States of Maryland
and Delaware
Payne's Geography
Cartographer: Anderson
Engraver: Scoles
Publisher: I. Low, NY
Medium: Copper plate engraving, hand colored at a later date
Date: 1799
Size: 8 ½" x 11"
Information coming soon!
Engraver: S. Hall
Publisher: A. & C. Black
Medium: Lithograph
Size: 17" x 12 ½"
Condition: Very Good
Gulf of Puzzole and Bala
The Antiquities of Herculaneum
Engraver: P.S. Lamborn
Medium: Copper Plate Engraving, Color added later
Date: 1773
Size: 12 ¼" x 9 1/8"
Condition: Very Good
Engraver: S. Hall
Publisher: A. & C. Black
Medium: Lithograph
Size: 12 ¼" x 16½"
Condition: Very Good
Engraver: Herman Moll
Date: 1709
Size: 7” x 7 ¼"
Condition: Very good. Hand colored. Partial text on the page under the map.
This is a unusual map which includes the Island of Japan.
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