History of England

From the earliest authentic records and most genuine historical evidence

by George Frederick Raymond
Publisher: J. Cooke, at Shakefpear's Head, No. 17, Pater-nofter-Row
Artist[s]: Meffrs, Metz, Stothard, Samuel Wale and others
Copper Plate Engraving
Date: 1785
Size:  9 1/8" x 14 1/8"
Condition: Good. Some prints have torn corners and frayed edges
$135 each
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William the Conqueror
William III
William II
William II
Varus the cruel governer of Meaux
The remains of William the Conqueror
The first decent of Julius Caesar
The firsst meeting of the British King Vortiger's
Submission of the Britons
Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman.
Richard III
Richard I
Queen Elizabeth
Procession of Queen Elizabeth
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell
Mary II
Mary I
Major John Andre
Lord Robert Manners Mortally Wounded
Ladt Bruce
Kings of England
Kings of England
Kings of England
Kings of England
Kings of England
King John
King Henry VI
King Charles
James II
Henry VII
Henry VI
Henry V
Henry IV
Henry II
Henry I
Guy Fawkes seized by Sir Thomas Knevet
Grand Victory
George, Prince of Wales
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George II
George I
General Elliot
Frontis Piece
English Sailor
Edward V
Edward IV
Edward III
Edward II
Earl of Chatham
Duke, Marquis, Earl, Baron
Duke of Gloucester
Charles II
Charles I
Captain (Sir Roger) Curtis
Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni
Bishops of St. Asaph-Chester- Bath & Wales-Ely
Ancient Inhabitants of Great Britian
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