Henry B. Shaw

English (1800-1873)
Shaw supplied illustrations of Wells Cathedral and Gloucester for John Britton's Cathedral Antiquities of England.
He was elected to be a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1833. 
Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages
Size: 10 ¾" x 6 ¾"
Condition: Very Good
Date: 1851
$45 each
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Lady of the Tournament
King John
King Richard III
Knights Fighting
Incised Slab
Isabella, Wife of
William Beauchamp
Horse and Attendant
Illustrations of Prudentius
Heralds Announcing
the Death of Charles 6th
Head Dresses
Head Dresses
Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Clare
From a Brass
Figures of Ecclesiastics
Female Costumes
Elevation of the Host
Effigy of Charles Compte D'Etampes
Ecclesiastics of the 12th century
Cup by Andrea Mantegna
Cross from Mount Athos
Courtiers of the time of Richard 2nd
Clovis 1st
Burial of Edward the Confessor
Birth of St Edmund
Apparel of the Amice
Arthur, Prince of Wales
An Hour Glass
An Archbishop
A Royal Repast
A Reliquary
A Funeral Pall
A Dagger and Sword
A Chalice
A Censer
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Lyd Gate
William Longuespee
The Seasons-January to June
The Seasons-July to December
The Limerick Mitre
The Black Prince
Romance of the Rose
Spanish Warriors
Ring of King Athelwulf
Queen Clotilda
Processional Cross
Processional Cross
Phillip, Duke of Burgundy
Pastoral Staff of the Abbey of Lys
Masque of Charles VI of France
Ornament on Chasuble
Occleve Presenting his book to Henry 5th
Margaret, Queen of Scotland
Margaret, Queen of Henry 6th
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