George Edwards

English (1694-1773)


The Gleanings of Natural History



Often referred as the Father of British Ornithology, George Edwards was a talented draftsman who studied both live birds and prepared specimens with an accuracy worthy of a modern scientist. As a young man serving an apprenticeship under a London merchant, Edwards became interested in studying a collection of natural history materials. He decided to abandon his career in business and devote his life instead to the observation and portraiture of wildlife.


Size: 11 ½" x 9 ¼"

Date: 1741

Condition: Very Good unless otherwise noted



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Blue Bellied Finch
Black-White Kingfisher
White Tailed Eagle
Greenland Dove
Purple Martin of America
Black Hawk
The Touraco
Flying Squirrel, Red & Blue Finch
Dusky Spotted Duck
Crested Humming Bird
Little Indian Pye Ground Squirrel
The Penguins
Butcher Bird
Blue Flycatcher
Green Parrot West Indies
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