Cassell's Book of Birds


The Illustrated Book of Birds  one of the most popular books from its first edition in 1880 to the present time. It is noted for its crisp, beautiful chromolithographs.

Artist: Thomas Ryner Jones

Medium: Chromolithography

Date: 1810-1880

Plate Size: 10" x 7 ½"

Condition: Excellent


$75 each


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The Red Backed Shrike
The Sharp Billed Oriole
The Oronoko Coracina
The Nightgale
The Purple Crested Corythaix
The Tawny Goatsucker
Waglers Cassicus
The Lapwing
Ruby Bird of Paradise
The Blue Grandala
The Ground Parrakeet
The Angola Vuliure
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Sparrow Hawk
Common Tern
The Imperial Eagle
The Houbara
Ruddy Shieldrake
Hastings Tragopan
Squacco Heron
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Whiskered Fantail
Rock Pigeon
Painted Spur-Fowl
Crimson Topaz
Chinese Jacana
Sanguine Francolin
Northern Diver
Blue Striped Lory
Mandarin Duck
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