Early Greek Architecture


Itinerary of Greece


Artist: Sir William Gell

Etchers: J. Powell, F.Saniform Jr.

Medium: Mixed media

Date: 1810

Publisher: T. Payne, Pall Mall

Johannes Kip (1653 - 1722) & Leonard Knyff (1650 - 1721)


Depicting Mansions, and Country Seats with their land and gardens.

Luigi Rossini


"Rossini followed in the footsteps of Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778) creating scenes of Italian architectural ruins from earlier times. His work Le Antichita Romane (Antiquities of Rome) published in 1829 reflected the European avid interest in classical ruins. His views of Rome demonstrated his experience as an architect, and his skills as an engraver produced this monumental and popular work."

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