Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Author: J.M. Barrie
Illustrator: Arthur Rackham
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, 1906 edition
Medium: Photolithography
Condition: Tipped-in plate
Page Size: 9 ¾" x 7"
$75 each
"On the board walk you met all the people who are worth knowing."
"The fairies sit around on mushrooms, and at first they are well behaved..
"Put his strange case before old solomon caw."
"The island on which all the birds are born that become baby boys and girls..."
"He passed under the bridge and came within full sight of the delectable gardens."
"'My ford Duke' saved the physician belatedly.
"The serpentin is a lovely lake, and there is a drowned forest at the bottom of it."
"These tricky fairies sometimes slyly change the board on a fall night..."
"There now arose a mighty storm, and he was tossed this way and that..."
"They all tickled him on the shoulder..."
"Queen Mab, who rules in the gardens..."
"'Preposterous!' cried Solomon in a rage..."
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''When her Majesty wants
to know the time..''
''When he heard
Peter's voice....''
''They will certainly
mischief you...''
"They warned her"
"The Roots of old trees..."
"Peter clung to the tail....."
For years he filled
his stocking....
''Cold, Quite Cold...''
"Building the house
for Maimie"
An Elderberry
hobbled across the walk...
"Among the Faries...."
After this the birds
said that they would help me...
"running in front carrying winter cherries..."
"wallflower juice is good for reviving dancers who fall to the ground in a fit..."
"when they think you are not looking they skip along pretty lively..."
" Old Mr. Salford was a crab-apple of an old gentleman who wandered all day in the gardens..."
" A bank of workmen who were sawing down a toad stool, rushed away leaving their tools behind them..."
"One day they were overheard by a fairy..."
" a chrysanthemum heard her, and said pointedly 'Hoity-toity, what is this?'"
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