Antiquities of Athens


James Stuart (1713-1788) English Architect and Archaeologist


In 1742 Stuart went to Italy to paint, study Latin, Greek and Italian, as well as study Italian and Roman art and architecture.

In 1748 he traveled with Nicolas Revett, and two other colleagues to Naples, and Greece, taking measurements

and drawings of ancient ruins. Stuart and Revett returned in 1755 and published their first volume of The Antiquities

of Athens and Other Monuments of Greece in 1762. This work was considered a milestone in the information and illustrations for scholars as well as the interested public. Stuart, while working on other projects was continuing to

work on The Antiquities of Athens but the work was still unfinished at the time of his death in 1788.


Artists: James Stuart & Nicolas Revett

Medium: Copper Plate Engraving

Date: 1762-1788

Condition: Very Good


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